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Day 1 with Macbook Air - Apple Silicon

First impression:

  • No heating issue
  • Loooong battery backup
  • Good sound quality

Initial stats without any installation:
Screenshot 20210207 at 11.22.00 PM.png

Screenshot 20210207 at 11.21.51 PM.png

Screenshot 20210207 at 11.21.20 PM.png

Development environment setup:
It’s difficult to figure out all the apps which are ported to Apple Silicon. I tried to setup the nodejs development environment and run into following issues:

  1. I need different node versions and manage them using nvm. Installing nvm and trying to install node doesn’t work(as of 8th feb 2021). Solution is to launch terminal/iterm with “Open using Rosetta” and then proceed with installing node. This enables x64 for all the apps running from Terminal.
    • right click your terminal app from Finder
    • select “Get Info”
    • enable “Open using Rosetta”
  1. Install Rosetta using the command below:
    softwareupdate --install-rosetta
    Reference: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/408375/zsh-bad-cpu-type-in-executable
  2. If running into issues with node applications, ensure you are running with right arch type:
    node -p process.arch
    to change arch run the command below:
    arch -x86_64 $SHELL
  3. With the above settings, I was able to install all required apps using brew
    brew install iterm2 alfred licecap sublime-text visual-studio-code karabiner-elements sourcetree araxis-merge itsycal the-unarchiver  easyfind omnidisksweeper

Miscellaneous issues:
“You don’t have permission to open the application”
Screenshot 20210208 at 1.25.18 AM.png
To fix this issue:

  1. Open terminal
  2. Enter: sudo chmod -R 755 /path/to/app
  3. Press enter
  4. Then enter your password
  5. Open the app and it should work.